There is a dedicated Clarks team who can support you with any additional questions or concern you may have. You can contact them via e-mail:
An essential Q&A is also available on the recall information website.


How do I return the shoes?    
If you purchased the shoes from a non-Clarks store or website, please contact the retailer you purchased the shoes from, and they will arrange your return and refund.
If you purchased the shoes directly from Clarks please visit our recall website to arrange to return the shoes to us and for us to refund you. 
What are benzidine and dimethoxybenzidine?  
Benzidine and dimethoxybenzidine are chemicals found in Azo dyes, which have been used to colour or dye a large range of products, including fabrics and leathers, but the extent to which azo dyes can be used is now restricted by some countries.  
What is the risk to me?     
Prolonged and direct contact with the shoes’ upper material can expose the wearer to the chemicals benzidine or dimethoxybenzidine, which are toxic and can cause adverse health effects